The other day, I was sitting in a little cafe, chatting with this girl who’s trying to make her place in the BDSM community….

She was telling me about her fun life as a Mistress & Fin Dom and asked how come, after all those years being a good little filthy slut online, how come I didn’t already have a list of money pigs who sends me tributes from time to time in order for me to feel like the good little spoiled brat that I am and deserve to be.  Ok, she didn’t say that way but that’s how my brain understood it *^_^* …you know, there’s some wisdom in there.  *^_^*

I laughed, then started wondering….

Over the last 10 years, many pseudo slaves made contact through social media asking me to take them as my personal money pigs but sadly, none of them really came through when it was time to respect their part of the deal.

I had give it my all. I was mean but caring.  Firm, but nice and I was giving them naughty tasks to do everyday but it was never enough (apparently) to be deserving of gratitude.  They said they would send me this and that but months after months my account and PO BOX was still empty.

After a few disappointing and failed attempts, as I was recovering from my last financial blue balls, I decided that maybe financial domination wasn’t for me after all.

When I see these girls able to wrap guys around their finger so easily I become envious.  I wish, just for the slight second that I could have this power over people.  In my regular life, I’m usually a great sub (you can ask Max & Mel) but I do enjoy switching around from time to time.  Although, I can’t argue the facts that I miserably and humoristically failed my Fin-Dom course and I’ll probably never be a good Mistress because….

1- I don’t have a British accent

Ok, let’s all be honest here, a Mistress with a British accent make it sound sooooo much more believable!  They just have a way with words and all that wrapped up in that adorably cute and arrogant accent, it makes her absolutely believable.  So for obvious reasons, I was doomed from the get go.

2- My attitude sucks

Like any typical girl, I do have a bitchy side but it usually doesn’t come out unless the person is really deserving.  Even if they hadn’t contributed like they were suppose to, those filthy little piggies were nice with me and just for that reason, I wasn’t able to hold my domination and humiliation act.  I watched tutorials upon tutorials to try to improve myself but it wasn’t good enough to keep them interested…  I kept bursting in to laugh in front of my bedroom mirror.

Considering my record, I don’t think I’ll ever attempt to take care of another slave unless there is a really deserving one popping out (wink, wink) and/or I’m feeling very hormonal so till then, I’ll stay nice with everybody (or almost) and win you all with kindness….

But I do think I deserve to be shower with presents and tributes! …don’t get the wrong idea 😛