Have you ever thought about what your underwear says about you?  Maybe it’s time to think about it because you might be sending the totally wrong message!


Ok, let’s be serious! …let’s talk about underwear and be serious… is that even possible?

Anyways, I found those during my daily internet “research” (you know, everything I look for online is always for science ;)) and thought why not sharing my own little randomness with you all.

..I took the liberty to add my own quotes below each of them because you know, I just really like to discuss your underpants.



“…unless your dream is to remove my panties and fuck me silly because the way I’m wearing this garter belt, my panties are not going anywhere!”

“…my socks are constantly falling because I’m from another generation that haven’t heard of “stay ups” stockings. “


“I’m a total hipster and I love my granny panties… have you heard that they are coming back in trend?”

“…they are allowing me to eat like a pig and still have a support for my belly.”

Image-1326…yeah ok, that one resumed it all…


“…I haven’t discovered style yet and I want my balls to rub on the floor when I’m 60 years old”

“..I’m boring”

“…I don’t want a girlfriend”


“…my friend dared me to wear them”

“…I try to make myself believe that I have a good sense of humour”

“…they are gonna look amazing coming out of my baggy pants that I wear below my butt cheeks… I’m so concept”


“…I don’t want my balls to rub on the floor when I’m 60 years old”

“…I know I look good in these”


“…my girlfriend though she bought me the long version”

“..I have a decent sense of humour”

”…I like to dance alone in my underwear”


“…I should have bought a G-string”



“…spank me”

“…I always have to make sure that I don’t rip the lace elastic when I take them off”


“…I so don’t care about how I look that I didn’t noticed that they were inside out”

“…It was either that or a bathing suit”


“…this is embarrassing”

“…my junk are stuck in the stupid net”

“…I like to feel the breeze on my junk”


“..I don’t know what I was thinking”

“…let’s hope nobody pull on my pants today”


“..I’m too lazy to work out”

“…let’s hope I’m not bringing back this date to my apartment”

“…it’s my Bridget Jones day”


“…I like to cream the side of my legs”

“..I have an inny

“…I love to feel the breeze between my legs”

“..I’m ready when you’re ready”


 “…I like to be blowjob ready”

“…why is she’s not sucking it yet?”

“..I like to sit on my balls”