I’ve been chatting with Chloe Toy for a little while about her plan to come spend an entire week with me in Montreal, to shoot a ton of steamy lesbian content for our sites.  Truth to be told, I wasn’t really sure of how serious she was about coming to see me until recently, when she confirmed having almost the entire amount for a plane ticket to Canada.  In last January, she posted a crowdfunding page for her fans to contribute to the tickets and it’s been catching on faster than I thought it would.


Now that her travel plans are almost set in stone, this is where you can help.  We need a fun place to shoot as my current living situation is surrounded by constructions during the day (from 7am to 6pm) from Monday to Saturday which makes is impossible to shoot any videos during this period.  Since she will be here for a week, the last thing I want is to have to wait until night time to shoot what we want and take the chance to finish the week with less content than what we hoped for.

If you would like to see a TON of new girl/girl content on ArielRebel.com and on ChloesToyBox.com, helping us by contributing to this location would ensure that we finish our week with at least 10 vids (my goal would be 20) and a ton more sexy randomness (photos and videos)…. as well as a new “I took a stroll with…” featuring the gorgeous Chloe!

We are both very grateful for everybody who have been contributing, up to date, to either this location or her plane tickets… your generosity wont go unnoticed and please know you’ve been very well invested in us horny girls… 😛

So there’s two ways you can contribute to this shooting location… the first one is using your MyFreeCams token or by credit cards, using the links below.



 Thank you so much again for all the help!!