Free spirit, well traveled…  I consider Piper a close friend of mine even if we dont see each other often.  She told me that she never considered herself a model and this was actually her first professional photo shoot.  She appeared shy at first but then got a little bit more daring.  It was 7am when Piper and I walked around in this huge park for a good 2 hours flirting and giggling on this beautiful fall morning of 2015.

As we walked, she revealed that if she could live on the side of the beach and surf all day, she would.

There is no doubt that one day she’ll be back to her life of travel but for the moment, Piper has been a popular tease on AND have also been working on her own website: which I shot super sexy photo sets of her for.  Clearly, I cannot wait to shoot more of her but first, we both hope you enjoy this artistic pictorial of our first stroll together.









Check out Piper’s official website!