Ok so here is it…  Many of you have already heard the news via twitter and facebook, Spunky is extremely sick, possibly dying.  The whole thing started even before I went to Budapest but we just thought it was not something serious because he have been known in the past to be difficult with his food.  Basically, it has been 2 weeks now that we need to force feed him because he has no appetite.  The vet confirmed us that he was anemic and we can clearly see it by looking at the color of his gums and tongue.  His red blood cells are low in his body and it doesn’t seem to be regenerating…

We’ve been doing a bunch of tests but up to date nothing have been 100% set on what’s happening with Spunky.  Although we know that it’s not a virus or a blood cancer, we still don’t have a specific answer on what’s happening with him.  The vet. thinks that me might have a tumor or some internal bleeding.  What keeps our hopes up is the fact that Spunky doesn’t seem sad or in pain at all.  He still ask to play with his balls and enjoy taking walks outside but he’s much slower than usual and cant do as much exercise as he used to.  I carry him, up and down the stairs, for each of his walks.

When we got back from another visit at the pet clinic yesterday, Max and I wouldn’t stop crying because the vets. told us that we should think about putting him to sleep at one point but I don’t believe it’s the right choice as long as he still look happy, responsive and not suffering.  I obviously know that I don’t have enough extra money to pay a surgery that he might not even survive and suffer more but I’m at least going for an ultrasound tomorrow to have a slight final word on what’s happening with him internally.

I’ve debated for a long time not going to that last test by fear of knowing what he has and knowing that I cant put him through a surgery because of the lack of funds and the pain I would make him live.  It’s so sad to plan ahead that I might loose my best friend, my confident and a member of my family who’ve been with me for the past 6 years.

Today have been a bit better (mood wise) in the house… I took the decision, this morning, that we were not going to give up on Spunky and it made me slightly happier.  It’s hard to work tho… I wish to be beside him every seconds of the day but it’s obviously impossible.  Plus I think Spunky deserve to live, what may be his last moments, in a normal home where he doesn’t feel a weird and sad mood so I force myself to be extra happy around him and remind him how much I love him, play with him etc…

Another good decision today.. I’m going to to add a bunch of extra vitamins in his diet.  I already have to force feed some food so why not add a bit more extra vitamins that could help him a lot.  I’ve looked online and then asked the vet what she thought about my choices and Max and I worked up a pretty good plan of vitamins feeding and now hope it will have a positive effect on Spunky.  Already today, he seem to have more energy!  Again tomorrow the vet might tell me that he is very sick but at least if it’s the case I’ll know that I did everything I could for him.

No worries, I didn’t write this blog to ask you for anything.  A lot of my followers have been suggesting me to create a ChipIn to save Spunky but it wouldn’t be fair to ask you such thing and second, even if I had the money, I’m not even sure if I would take the chance of putting through such surgery since he might not even make it back.  I wouldn’t want his last moment to be in pain of recovering from a surgery…  I just wanted to write this post so you can know a little it more what’s happening with Spunky since you’ve also known him for a few years now and I think you deserve to know as well.

On this I’m sending you all big hugs and kisses….. …..and I’ll be back with a much happier post tomorrow :)

Ariel xoxoxox….