A few days after my big shooting for Dorcel, just before coming back home, I spent some time at Nephael‘s house outside Paris and during those days, we did a LOT……….. of sexy stuff and I even had the opportunity of having her in front of my lens for a photo shoot!

The images are for the photo series “I took a stroll with” and although the official pictorial havent been published yet, the lucky VIP members of ArielRebel.com got the behind the scene images already!

did you had the chance to see them?  Let’s take a minute to thank Nephael‘s lover Hez for his help in getting you guys those images as well as this mini photo set that was published not too long ago.

We shot in this super grunge and pretty cool abandoned factory but it was freezing!    I have to admit that she definitely super trooped it and it was a real delight to shoot to her which only got my mind running wilder on all the things I wished doing to her once we got back in a warm place.

Sadly, I’m not allowed to show you any of the dirty images on my phone of our wild nights (this girl is soooooooooo hot omg!!) BUT I do have the right to show you this one of us who fell asleep in each others arms, exhausted and naked… hehe