The other day, I briefly mentioned on twitter that the playboy mansion is now officially up for sale.  Can you imagine living there?  Right away, I suggested to my followers that we put all our money together and buy this thing but I’ve yet to receive any real contributions.

…what are you waiting for?  *^_^*


So now, for around 200 millions dollars and obviously, like if this house wasn’t coming with enough (sorry for the expression) “baggages”, a clause in the contract of purchase stating that you agree in having Hugh Hefner as a roommate till… well… I’m guessing till the end?


Umm…..I’m not sure how I feel about buying a soon to be haunted 200 millions dollars mansion.  No offence to mister Hefner, neither to Playboy itself which are two entities I have respect for, this is madness. Who in their right minds would invest in such a thing?

Also knowing that the whole thing needs a bunch of renovations and a serious makeover….  meh


Don’t get me wrong, I can totally see why somebody would want to buy the mansion.  After all, it is a great piece of propriety but that clause makes me giggle.

…then again, what do I know. 🙂

A few questions come to mind and should we also expect to have mister Hefner’s friends, nurses and ladies running around the mansion on a daily basis?  What if I don’t feel like seeing anyone that day?  or don’t feel like putting on makeup?  …#MustHideInACave


So basically, if you have that kind of money laying around and enjoy big and badly decorated haunted houses, this might be the investment you were searching for.  Or if you have that kind of money laying around, but ghost creeps you out and still feel like you should throw some money away…. well… you know where to find me!


…I’m serious.