Hello everybody, I’m Amarna Miller and I’m back with another fun review! This time I’ll be talking about “The Tentacle” dildo by Bad Dragon.

My friend Amber Nevada and I received a big package, when we opened it, the first thing we saw was a cute hand drawing of a panda on the inside of the box. Everything was displayed very nicely, wrapped in white and orange tissue paper and on the top we got the care instructions for the toys. Also, there were two 8oz bottles of water based lubricant included: one was “Cum Lube” and the other “Clear Cum Lube”. These are very slippery, stringy and fun lubricants! The “Tentacle” dildos came each individually packed inside a sealed plastic bag with the logo of Bad Dragon on one side.

These dildos were custom made: we were able to choose the size, firmness and color. Because you can’t deny it’s a pretty awesome toy, Amber and I chose both “The Tentacle” dildo in the same size and firmness, so from now on I’ll be describing the one I got.

All Bad Dragon toys are made of 100% platinum-cure silicone which is body-safe. I picked the large size, soft firmness and custom striped color and everything was exactly how I asked.
“The Tentacle” has a great texture, It’s soft and easy to bend but also remains upright and standing on it’s own. It feels good on the skin and it has a nice taste.
The total length of the large “Tentacle” is 10.15”, and it’s quite heavy which is good so it stays in place. Something I realised later was that the firmness I chose was too soft for an insertable toy, I would have prefered a medium or hard 🙂

Let’s get to the review!

Pros: I absolutely love Bad Dragon, super original and creative sex toys that are handmade with high-quality materials that are safe to your body. Being able to customize your dildos is amazing, and there are so many options to choose from! Some models even support cumtubes, this means you can fill the toys with lube and make the dildos cum, isn’t it fun? Also, they ship the products in a discreet package, which for many this is a must!

Cons: The price of “The Tentacle” is 120$ (size Large) +20$ to customize the colors. This is an expensive toy, but again you are paying for something quite special and of great quality!

I have to admit it was my fault, but keep in mind that the bigger the toy, the firmness should be harder! A soft toy is complicated to insert.