I took a stroll with Jemma Valentine
5 years ago

I took a stroll with Jemma Valentine

On this typical overcast summer day in Montreal, I took a stroll with Jemma Valentine and this is what we shot…

We chatted about her official website and her many trips to Europe.  Like many adult performers, she’s a full time nomad.  Traveling from shoots to shoots, fucking gorgeous people for money. Sometimes, she’s back home in Montreal or Toronto that she calls her home base.

Our paths had crossed a few times before but, we never really had the time to discuss like we did on that day.  She shared some deep feelings and, we definitely developed an interesting connection as we sipped our coffees, waiting for the flash rain to stop so we can continue shooting.  This Canadian cutie isn’t a modelling rookie, having shot for most of the top European companies, really made her a breeze to have her in front of my lens.

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