For the  of Indie Lingerie Brands…
5 years ago

For the of Indie Lingerie Brands…

Lingerie is an obsession….

…a constant craving for what I call “vital to my survival”, a new piece from time to time to keep me satisfied and purring.  From as long as I can remember, it always been deeply anchored in my core and I’ve been using lingerie to boost my every day confidence and spark up my relationship.

Don’t you just love to walk around knowing you’re wearing the best piece in your closet?  Don’t lie to yourself because…. yes you do!  Of course you do because you know how fabulous you look in this piece and if you were to have your clothes ripped off your body, you would be glorious.

( ^◡^)っ✂❤

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The Purge (part 1)
6 years ago

The Purge (part 1)

By  •  Lifestyle

Happy New Year’s eve everyone!!

I’m sure many of you are going to be partying your ass off tonight (lucky dogs) while I’ll be home, listening to some deep house music, drinking bubbly and apple cider, packing my life in to a ton of plastic boxes…  It might sounds like it but I’m not complaining.  To be honest, I’m glad it’s going to be a very relaxing celebration this year.  Stuff needs to be packed and today’s -18C over Montreal is reminding me how much I do not want to wait too long before taking off.  It’s gonna be awesome to live close to a beach this winter and I want to take every occasions I have to purge myself from all this stuff that keeps me chained to my hometown.

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