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Diaper Fetish Anyone?  …o_O
7 years ago

Diaper Fetish Anyone? …o_O

There’s a pretty interesting amount of disturbing photoshopped images online that have been based on my photos.   I think this series (yes it’s a series) is at my taste one the most disturbing and WEIRDEST I’ve seen so far…

Now, because I LOVE to laugh at myself and I have a pretty special sens of humour.. I totally see the funniness in those but don’t get me wong, they are kind of disturbing. lol

And it all started when I got this message from a fan today on twitter


The second I read that, I wondered which part of his message I found more disturbing. Was it the fact that he saw a picture of me in diapers or the fact that he liked it and wanted to see more? Hmmmm… that is the question… lol

Either way, these were totally blog worthy so here they are… you might love it or hate it but one thing for sure is that you’ll get a giggle form them.

…enjoy me in diapers… <- that sounded weird.

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Behind the scenes photos of “The Mask of James Henry”
7 years ago

Behind the scenes photos of “The Mask of James Henry”


I had the chance to work with the crew of Digger Films the other day for a short horror flick they are producing for a contest.  I was EXTREMLY nervous at the beginning of the shoot (so much that my whole body was shaking) and after an hour, all my nervousness was gone because they are such a friendly team that I fell like I was just having fun with my friends.


Amazing experience, amazing people and kick ass project!  The movie should be online next week and I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on when everything will be ready for you to see 🙂  For the moment, let me tease you a bit with some behind the scene photos that was taken at the shoot.  I’m feeling, this is the beginning of a long friendship…  …to celebrate the event, I created a category just for them on this blog… 🙂


Enjoy the pics

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Photoshop Freebies – Ariel Rebel Pattern #1
7 years ago

Photoshop Freebies – Ariel Rebel Pattern #1

I’ve made these repetitive patterns a while ago when I was practicing making my first patterns 🙂  They are very basic but still funky…

Ariel Rebel - Repetitive pattern Ariel Rebel - Repetitive pattern

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Ma contribution au journal La Presse!!!!

Journal La Presse - logo

Yoohoo l’article sur la Luxure du sexy Patrice Lagacé à été finalement publié dans le journla La Presse Samedi!!  Quel honneur pour moi d’avoir pu donner mon grin de sel à ce journaliste que je lis depuis des années!  J’aime sa façon d’écrire, et j’ai vraiment adorer lui parler durant mon séjour au Texas 🙂

Patrice Lagacé

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Getting Ready for my Photoshoot!

I’m shooting in a couple of minutes and I wanted to show you my outfit… Do you like?

Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel night out downtown Montreal!!!! Exclusive hot tipsy sexy moments from yesterday…

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What a night!  Andi is my new best party buddy ever!  She SOOO cool and really know how to party!  I’m so proud of my Rebels!

Hope you enjoy those mini sample of our very tipsy/drunky pics! lol I love candids they are the best! hihi  We are going back next week because I want tog o dance !!!  It’s been so long since the last time I went in a actual night club and not just a bar…  I  still don’t know where to go…  But I cant wait!

Ok enough talking and more pictures!  ENJOY!

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Welcome and Bienvenue!!

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Bonjour and Welcome!

I always wanted to have a free blog here on blogger! I’m Ariel Rebel and I’m your host on this blog.

Here I will be talking …
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