WOW those pics are OLD right?  Feels like forever for me… almost like it was another life.  This year in December, we will be celebrating the 7 years anniversary of!  Seven big and crazy years that I have been working on my website with a lot of ups and down but with a constant ascension to the top and for that I obviously have my sweet fans to thanks for it.  I would have never thought I would actually enjoy this type of work and became who I am today to be honest.  Everything kind of happened on it’s own and I just went with it… Glad I did and glad I followed my instincts on many events that happened over the years.

Since 7 years is a pretty big deal, I thought why not do a fun recap of each years till our big celebration on December 12, 2012 …. wow that’s a lot of 12 right? lol  Since I’m with Max, this number seem to be following me everywhere… no joke.  For the big celebration post I’ll have free memberships for my website and signed photos to give away plus other special auctions to celebrate this occasion.  This should be a pretty fun and I’m hoping you guys will also enjoy this adventure back in time 🙂




Launch of my website

My first Girl/Girl scene with Audrey


I technically started shooting for my website in 2004 but had to wait till December 2005 to see it live….  Before that, I had shot some photos and videos for the site  I was also discovering my bisexuality with my first girl/girl shoot with Audrey and obviously Melody Kush.  I was 20 years old when we launched compare to what my site use to say.  When I first started, the “trend” was the eternal “teen” that we think is 18 her whole life…

Later that year I had a mini “wake up call” about the fact that people around me are seeing my online photos.  Some dramas happened here and there but I also got some good reactions from people I would have never thought…   Made new friends and lost some others.  Lived and Loved, my life was a roller coaster…  O

Remember my tongue and eyebrow rings? 😛 lol

This Christmas shoot was one of the funnest I had done…  We walked in a middle of a field to go shoot it in 6′ of snow and at -25 Celsius … it was INTENSELY COLD and I loved every seconds 🙂  I remember having one of my girlfriends at the shoot with a heating blanket to warm me up between the shots…  I would love to re-do the experience, more prepared this time of course 🙂  Oh and I still have those fuzzy boots deep in my closet and I’m hoping to have the chance to shoot them again one day.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give them away.

Overall 2005 was a good year for me, but the best years were to come…