Hello everybody, I’m Amarna Miller and this time I’ll be reviewing “Ridley the Xenogon”, created of Bad Dragon!

Bad Dragon ships their products in very discreet packages. Inside the box, nicely wrapped in purple tissue paper was “Ridley” with some accessories for this specific toy and the care instructions. The dildo comes inside a sealed plastic bag with the logo of Bad Dragon on one side and it has two stickers: one with the name and model of the product and another that says “Made in USA”.

“Ridley the Xenogon” is full custom made: I chose a medium size (8.5” total length) and for the firmness of the dildo I picked a medium shaft with a firm base. Absolutely perfect combination!
This toy comes with 2 exclusive colors for its particular design, and I chose “Natural” which was one of them. Also, I really wanted to add a very cool feature that “Ridley” offers: a Cumtube! This is basically a silicone tube inside the dildo that makes it “cum” by injecting “Cum Lube” (I talk about this on “The Tentacle” review) for example!

Let’s get to the review of “Ridley the Xenogon” and see what are the pros and cons!

Pros: I already said this, but I really like Bad Dragon! Besides being super original, the details of “Ridley” like the color and shape are totally amazing. It’s made of a high quality body-safe material that’s also easy to clean. I loved that you can choose different firmness for the dildo and the base, and that you have so many choices for your toy in general! Also, all the products you get with the Cumtube feature come with a free 8oz bottle of “Cum Lube” and a syringe. How cool is that?

Cons: Even though I love the Cumtube I think it’s a bit too long, but I guess you can just shorten it!
And again: the price. My full custom “Ridley the Xenogon” was 140$. This is a lot of money, but you pay for something unique and of high quality. It shouldn’t be a surprise that configuring your own toy with so many and awesome features is going to be expensive. Totally worth it!