I guess every person over 30 years old or from older generations has said this, at least once in their lives… we don’t invent anything new these days.

From the music industry who recycle tracks for the new kids which don’t know their favorite songs are basically a Frankenstein version of many old songs, remastered with a catchy beat that appeals to younger generations.  To the movie industry, too lazy to come up with new stories, who currently are in the business of pushing down our throats “prequels” of every stories we’ve already heard… now it’s the automobile industry who’s taking this lazy turn with the come back of the famous Delorean from the movie; back to the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movies and, back in the days, I’ve dreamed to own a stainless steel made Delorean but I don’t know if this attempt from the company to resuscitate this car is a must or a bust.

The last update on their blog date from October 2016 which tells me that production is still going on and only a few selected few will be allowed to own this “new” Delorean.  I like to imagine they must receiving countless or emails from die hard fans of the movies who wants ones but what’s the actual criterias for owning one?

Fill up the pre-order form if you’re interested and let me ask…

…would you buy this?