What a busy day at work I had today.  I have prepared SO MANY NEW UPDATES for my official website and I’m not even close to be done yet!  Today so far I have: updated my various blogs, posted 4 new candid videos (one of them is a naughty 48 minutes video) and 1 new candid photo set.  I’m not planning on stopping right away since it’s been so long that I havent really be on my computer that I want to accomplish as many things as I can before going to bed tonight.

…what you are seeing now are screen caps from one of the latest videos at ArielRebel.com 🙂  It’s part of the naughty vids I posted today and I thought the screen caps were perfect for the blog.  Hope you enjoy this mini tease and make sure to come back tomorrow because there will be more 😛

See the FULL video today -> CLICK HERE