Once in a while it feels good to take a little hiatus from blogging, shooting and pretty much existing.  Even if I’ve been active on Twitter, Instagram and a bit of Facebook, life has forced me to take things easy.  Years of on and off depression, messed up sleep pattern, ridiculous work hours and serious emotional roller coaster will wear you out but, I’ve never thought it would be possible to feel as worn down as I did… as I sometimes still do.

I’ve refrained myself from publishing too many thoughts, beside a few blog posts on my official website, by fear judgments and to sound repetitive.  I’ve realized that my heart wasn’t ready to write about anything as too many emotions were resurfacing with every hits on the keyboard.

It’s been hard, it still is… sometimes but, most of the time, at least now, I’m starting to feel at peace.

So here we are, in June 2018 and I’m feeling ready to hit this new direction for RebelMayhem.com.  As you’ve been able to see, the site itself had a little makeover because nothing says “new beginnings” like a new site layout!  You’ll also notice that a few sections have been trashed, other re-classified.  No old posts have been removed and you can still access them from the Archive’s drop down menu, on the footer of the site but, I wont be promoting them on Rebel Mayhem twitter account anymore.

In what’s left of 2018, I’ll be concentrating my efforts in promoting and creating for ArielRebel.com which I recently took ownership of.  This might sounds like a small thing but it’s been my dream since I started this online adventure in 2004.  For many years, it was impossible for me to even discuss the possibility of owning my site but nothing beats perseverance and hard work.

During this transition phase, I’ve dabbled in erotic photography.  It has given me a new boost of energy, a new spark inside my heart and a new love from my industry.  With each new models that I’ve had the honour of working with, I fell more in love with the craft.  Live subject photography has never been my thing but these last few months definitely changed something.

I’m looking forward to shoot more models and promote them on here because there’s so many cool people who deserve a little place under the spotlight.  You can be expecting many samples of these shootings, some sexy behind the scenes and obviously a few wallpapers for your desktop and devices because… I just cant help myself.

All this mashed up with a lot of thoughts, blabbers and experiences about my time in the adult industry.  This blog flew in all directions, over the years, and once again it’s time for a new beginning.  Thank you for being here for the ride.

Sending you my warmest hug, thank you for reading <3