That’s it!  …It’s official!

My flight and shooting have been confirmed with the crew from Dorcel production for the beginning of July 🙂  I’ll come back with my head in the clouds, my pussy well fucked and a TON of candid photos & videos behind the scenes hopefully for you guys to perv on.  They have asked me to play in 2-3 movies up to date.  Two movies have been confirmed 100% but I’m not sure about the third one.  I’m super excited and nervous at the same time because I’ll be traveling to Budapest where I have never been and I’m going to be film for the first time eating a girl!!  Well… probably more than one actually LOL

So this is a big step for me, a big career move and I’m super happy I get to do it with such big company like Dorcel and I’m hoping it wont be the last time I get to do it 🙂

If you guys could see my face right now, it’s pretty hilarious 😛  I can barely stand still on my chair and I have to because I have so much work and stuff to prepare and make sure before I go on this extremely naughty trip to the other side of the world. that’s pretty much it for here… I’m keeping the rest of this entry for the VIP members of my website so if you want to read more, you know what to do!!