Tell us about yourself. How long has your site been online?

I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been working, producing and managing my official website since 2005. I enjoy my career even more now than when I first started. I consider myself the girl next door with a secret identity. When I first started my website back in 2005, things were very different. I had no say on anything or where my career was going. I was unknowingly controlled by my photographer at the time, who manipulated me and my partners. I had no say when it came to any and all production related to my website. He had one vision—quantity vs. quality—which goes in direct conflict with my values. Now, I don’t want to scream out loud that I had a bad experience, but if I knew back then what I know now, things would have been very different. I like to believe that nothing in life happens without reason, which leads me to believe that these experiences helped me become who I am now—a model and webmaster prepared to do things the right way, keeping values ahead of profit margins while building long-lasting business relationships.

How would you describe your site? You have the teen look going on, but also a little bit of a punk/alt aesthetic too

Now more than ever I believe my site shows off my true personality. I look very young, that’s no secret, but what might not be known is I don’t enjoy being promoted as a “teen” model. My teen years are behind me and now it’s time to promote me as a woman. I chose not to classify my image; I’m me, Ariel Rebel, a personality who happens to be naked online.

What’s your favorite thing about being a solo-girl model?

My absolute favorite would be the seeing myself in all the beautiful photo shoots and movies we’ve created. I love knowing I’m a muse for tens of thousands of watchers out there. I’m very close to my fans and talk with them on a daily basis via my Twitter (@ArielRebel), official website, free blog ( and many other social media sites too long to list here. I’ve very much enjoyed my experience as a solo-girl model and have no plans on stopping; I plan updating my website for years to come. What may not be known is what I love even more then modeling is geeking out! I love spending my days on Photoshop, Wacom in hand, designing websites, creating marketing strategies and anything concerning the creation and production of my affiliate program,