I really love a good late night baking.  Which is kind of a problem because I’m absolutely aware that we aren’t technically supposed to eat pass a certain hour but I’m suffering of the “constant munchies syndrome” so, what can I do!?


I have to admit to be guilty of charge of eating late at night and to sometime start a baking project around 11pm when I should just brush my teeth and go to bed.  Sadly, I doubt I’ll ever be able to stop but on the bright side, it gives the opportunities to shoot a few sexy photos like these…


I don’t always have a preference when it comes to this nocturne hobby.  From fancy breads to simple cookies or pies, I like to keep my options open and just go with the flow.

Some of those creations have been published on but many recipes remain unpublished, waiting patiently, in my personal cookbook, till the day they can finally be shared to the world….



That night, Max felt like snapping a few images with the new camera we had purchased and this is a small sample of a much bigger candid photo set that will be live on tomorrow *^_^*



…so if you like food, goofiness and boobs… don’t miss this pictorial! *^_^*