There is a lot of naked girls online… So many, that it’s often very complicated to choose who’s your favorite.

I’ve been following miss Dani Daniels on twitter for a while and although I’ve never had a chance to actually talk to her (she seriously never answer my tweets) I still find her entertaining to follow and kind of cute at the same time.  I’ll be honest, she’s not the type of girl I fell for usually but there is something about her that still keep me entertained months after months.  I watched her porn on various DVDs and websites over the years and although her facial structure is not my usual style, like I’ve said, I still find her super gorgeous and there is something about this wild attitude to her that I find irresistible.

I was bored yesterday and checked out her brand new official website.  I say brand new because if I recall, her site was only launched this year or last year but I could be mistaking.  Once you arrive on her site, you have the trailer box  right in your face and let me tell you that it’s one of the few trailer videos out there that you don’t want to miss.  Like I’ve said, there is a lot of girl online that have their official website up but a lot of them, unfortunately, the videos suck sooooo bad that even if the photos are nice, just the fact that the videos seemed to be shot badly with a camcorder and just plain boring, I most of the time to bounce to another site with nicer videos.

What’s fun with her official trailer that I’m presenting you today, is that you can really see that she have put a lot of effort in the scenes she shot for her site and you can clearly see how she loved every seconds of teasing or hardcore fucking with either guys or girls.  I love porn, I love good porn and happy performers…

Miss Dani Daniels VIP is definitely a site that I would see myself paying for after looking at that trailer vid.

I hope you guys will find it as entertaining as I do 🙂