Yeah, I know… Don’t look at me with those eyes after reading the title because it’s been really hard to find something cleaver for an article like this.  It could probably be classified in the “random” category but instead, I decided to add it in the funky and unusual gift idea section because you obviously never know when the perfect occasion will come, where you’ll meet that special someone that happen to be obsessed with eggplants.

Now, for the sake of making an absolute useless and retarded blog article on this Wednesday, here’s the only list of eggplant shaped objects you’ll ever need if you… you know… ever need it.

Ok so, I got the idea for this post after reading about this company that created an eggplant emoji vibrator as a response to the oh ever so growing emoji mania.  This little baby has 10 different speed mode, you can use it in the shower AND your bath and judging from the picture below… it’s small enough to keep in your purse!  It’s apparently made of medical grade silicon and from my recent researches on sex toy materials (I’ll be posting about this in the upcoming weeks), silicon is super safe and non porous.

EggplantVibratorAlthough this eggplant vibrator is brand new, it’s not the first time somebody thought about fucking veggies and, I found this company that make a pretty nice glass eggplant dildo.

glassThen when I stopped looking at various shaped dildos and vibrators… an hour later, I fell in to the kitchen gear which you probably know, is one of my weakness.

Allow me to take a quick second while we are talking about cooking… have you noticed the new recipes published on Zesty and Spicy?

This is the eggplant whisk, it’s made of stainless steel and BPA free silicon so it’s perfectly safe to use even tho I’m linking you to an AlibabaExpress website.  Personally, I think that whisk is super cute and the fact that there’s a small and large format makes me happy for some reason.

whirkThere’s also one tech guy out there with one eggplant fetish that created these hilarious eggplant USB port. These are definitely going to add a little humor to your office desk and maybe spark up an interesting conversation with the office’s slut.  Not exactly sure how much quality was putted in this gadget but it might be the next hit item to add to your Christmas socks.


For the foodie & bookworms or cookbooks collectors, a recipe book called: Alone in the kitchen, with an eggplant.

You would almost believe that it’s a half recipes and erotic stories but it’s not… sadly.  Although, apparently this publication got a lot of buzz when it came out.  It’s a nice collection recipes created by 26 people with stories about eating and cooking alone all wrapped up in a funny yet heartwarming “chicken soup for the soul” kind of way.  It must not be such a bad book, if you have a few eggplants on hand to cook with, that you haven’t fucked, whisked stuff with or plugged stuff in, why not giving one of these recipes I try!

aloneLastly, and I kept the best for the end… if you even find a person who’s absolutely obsessed with eggplants or you just want to make a funny joke to one of your buddy.  This company will send a real eggplant with a custom message written on it for 12.99$ AND, you can even add a 4.99$ sock “cover” (it’s an actual real white men sock), making sure your message will get to it’s destination undamaged.

…suuuper random, I know lol!

https-__eggplantmailSo that’s it! …the madness is over and now we will all go to bed less dumb knowing that these revolutionary items exist 😉