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I recently discover this graphic design and Illustrator from Italy : Gianluca Mattia.  She is honestly amazing and those sexy monster turn me on!

For the moment enjoy the amazing work of Gianluca Mattia and enjoy a short interview from the artist 🙂

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Tell us how you began working in 2D and 3D digital illustration.
My first experiments in computer design started in art school. After that, my work started to specialize by collaborating with different studios. Initially, I dealt more with graphics and design, but I’ve always been a fan of illustration.

Growing up, were you influenced by Western pop culture and American artists?
I’ve adored comics (American, European and Japanese) since I was a little child. I guess my best style influences stem from this passion and all things I have seen, studied, heard, and lived. I follow the works of contemporary artists like Luis Rojo and Joe Chiodo.

Gianluca Mattia

Gianluca Mattia

Are there Italian artists that have inspired your work?
Sure, in Italy contemporary artists like Milo Manara, Bonvi, Guido Crepax and more inspire me.

In your illustrations, the female body is extremely distorted with large breasts, tiny wastes and bodacious hips & tushes. We’re assuming this is your ideal body type, correct?
This has always been my idea of beauty but not the only prototype of a perfect woman (I adore abundant forms of women). The shape is similar to a “monster” like Frankenstein formed by different pieces sewn together including feelings that cause a deformation of the look like an exaggerated surgical operation.

Gianluca Mattia

Gianluca Mattia

What intrigues you the most about the female body?
The thing that intrigues me the most about the female body is the soft curves generously designed from the body’s movements.

Are your illustrations based on real women or are they fictional characters that you’ve created?
Usually, real models inspire me after I masquerade them with my fantasies. Sometimes they are subjects created by me and their look doesn’t belong to a real woman. Surely, I’m not worried about recreating the perfect reality, so I can enjoy myself with the design.

Gianluca Mattia

The color palette in most of your work is strikingly bold. Tell us how you work with color.
In terms of the colors, I search to imagine the final result from the beginning of the work.
But, sometimes I happen to make variations to the usual theories of fit. The fit can be inspired by everything like photos, rooms, and objects. I like to have colors textural that can add life to the design.

Tell us where we can find more of your work.
My portfolio, up to date news, and contact info can be found on my website

Gianluca Mattia