Finding a good dildo is like finding a good guy. When you find one, you don’t let him go!  Believe it or not, it it kind of one of the many weird reasons I gave myself to decide to start doing sex toy reviews.   Another one of them, is to help you differ through all the products out there because there is a LOT and it can become overwhelming.  Let me test their limits and show you the results starting with this beautiful suction cup dildo, the Geleé Manny’s Candy jelly dong by NS Novelties.

I don’t know if it was it the wine or the mind blowing mix of this awesome rod and my hitachi but, in a moment of pure bliss, I almost forgot I was riding a fake cock…


…In other words, it was awesome.

Texture wise, the 100% Phthalate Free PVC material felt soft, yet rigid while being extremely comfortable.  The foreskin rib at the tip added a little something extra but made me a little sore at times where I didn’t think I needed lube… lol!

Friendly suggestion: “warm up” a little before attempting to sit on it.  Unless you’re a pro… and in that case, can I watch?


The quality of the suction cup have proven itself to be strong enough to hold on pretty much every flat surfaces I was able to find without any issues but I did experience a small one while trying to stick it on my hardwood floor because of the small spaces between the wood panels.  To resolve the problem, I had to make sure that the suction cup was only sticking to one full wood panel so no big deal!  In all dildos sharing a place in my toy box, this one is definitely in my top 5 and I know it’s a terrible thing to say in a review but it’s true.  The Geleé Manny’s Candy is definitely a nice “work horse” for those nights where I just can’t get enough.

…seriously, it happens…


It’s been about a year since this big guy came in to my life and he still look as good as he did on our first date.  I wash him with a good sex toy cleaner (most of the time) but I’ve been known to also use hand soap in desperate time (strangled in a cabin, in the middle of the woods kind of desperate).  The colour did not fade and the material did not melt but don’t test your luck and keep it in a plastic wrap/bag so he doesn’t touch other dildos of the same type of material.  Said the girl who dealt with a lot of melted dildos in her days. #SadHornyPanda


The quality of the production really shows and shine over time which makes it a really good investment if you’re thinking on a new addition to your toy box.  I would absolutely recommend the Gelee Manny’s Candy – Jelly Dong by NSNovelties and click to buy it.