I love podcasts and radio shows…I used to be terrified to the idea of being on one and having to talk without sounding totally retarded but it was just the scare of being out of practice.  Now, after numerous experiences, I LOVE doing it.  It’s nice to be able to express yourself and have the chance to promote your projects while having a pretty fun conversation with something you never met.

I’m pretty excited for the podcast option here on Rebel Mayhem.  Things have been taking a bit longer than expected for me to launch the first one but its only for the best trust me.  I realized half way that I needed to change my sound equipment because I want to make sure you guys are listening to the best sound, without too much noise in the background.  So the first podcast on here will probably be in early 2014.

Now today I’m presenting you another podcast I had the chance to talk on that is called: The Whore cast.  I really hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I had fun recording it.  We talk sex, food, rebel girls and more!  Enjoy 🙂

The WhoreCast


LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW: Play in new window | Download