Hello everybody, I’m Amarna Miller and this is my first time writing for Rebel Mayhem.  I really hope you like my article and don’t be hard on me if there are some grammatical mistakes…English is not my first language! .

Going back to the main subject: I’m going to review a sex toy, the

Doxy Die Cast” massager.

First thing that caught my attention when I got it was the packaging, it’s a very minimalistic white cardboard box and it has “Doxy” written in black. Inside we can find a very nice hard shell case, I like that doesn’t have the logo written all over, only on the zipper.

It comes with a 12ft cable, which I think is great if you want to use your massager far away from a power outlet. For me for example, since I do webcam this is very helpful for moving around without worries on the shows! Also, the plug comes with exchangeable adaptors something that in my opinion is super useful for people like me that travel a lot! It comes with an adaptor for EU, UK, US and AUS!

Now to the massager! My first impression is that it’s very pretty, the handle is made of Aluminum and Titanium which is very shiny and nice. The head covering is made from a hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, this is something very important for a sex toy. It actually reminds me a lot to the “Hitachi Magic Wand”, not only on the esthetics but also the vibration. And this, is actually the best compliment I can ever give! On the handle there are LED lighted buttons that allow you to turn the speed up and down to your liking and also make it easier if you want to use it in the dark!

Let’s get to the review, although it’s going to be a tough one since I see a lot of pros in this toy!

Starting with the pros: I really like the medical grade silicone head, not only because of the great material but also because of it’s perfect size. The look and style of the massager is very elegant, and I really enjoy the way the handle is shaped allowing me to hold it better without it sliding. Don’t forget to mention that the “Doxy Die Cast” massager vibration is excellent! The lights on the buttons are great and I absolutely love that the cable is super long!

Also, it comes with a 12 month warranty which I think is fantastic and more sex toys should provide it.

Now the cons: In my opinion, I think it weighs too much and I don’t know if I would be comfortable holding this toy for a very long time (although I also don’t think it would take me a long time to cum with it!). The other thing would be the price: it costs 150GBP (180USD) so this toy is on the expensive side. It’s made in the UK and you are paying for quality, so if you want a good product you should pay for it, but it’s pricey!

And last but not least, here you have a video of me reviewing the toy… I hope you enjoy it, and see you in the next one!