Ma contribution au journal La Presse!!!!

Journal La Presse - logo

Yoohoo l’article sur la Luxure du sexy Patrice Lagacé à été finalement publié dans le journla La Presse Samedi!!  Quel honneur pour moi d’avoir pu donner mon grin de sel à ce journaliste que je lis depuis des années!  J’aime sa façon d’écrire, et j’ai vraiment adorer lui parler durant mon séjour au Texas 🙂

Patrice Lagacé

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Adidas Classic with a feel of Star Wars…

It seem like everything will make me talk about Star Wars these days…  I found these pics and the video above this message on Yumm magazine this morning..   I’m not exactly sure if this is real or not but the video was on the official Adidas youtube account so I guess it must be true…  Coming in 2010 the Star Wars inspired shoes from Adidas! I’m going to say like my friend at Yumm… I want a pair of Yoda!  And why there is not a Princess Leah style?

The video is pretty well made like pretty much everything Adidas do (at my taste obviously) I cant wait to see the launch of these shoes and I’m really curious about the price….  Do you think they will be collector items and super expensive or regular price?

Adidas - Star Wars Shoe Collection 2010

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Si j’étais maire de Montréal – présentation du magazine URBANIA – avec Ariel Rebel

Bon bon bon… lol voici un petit segment que je trouve assez drôle mais quand même cool de moi qui explique ce que je ferais …
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Gianluca Mattia: Sexy, Creepy, Hot, Kawaii, Alternative art…

Gianluca Mattia - 01

I recently discover this graphic design and Illustrator from Italy : Gianluca Mattia.  She is honestly amazing and those sexy monster turn me on!

For the moment enjoy the amazing work of Gianluca Mattia and enjoy a short interview from the artist 🙂

Gianluca Mattia - 02

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My favorite mag ever!!!! – Ariel Rebel on the Official website of FRONT magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRONT mag - top banner

I LOVE them, I LOVE them and again one last time… I LOVE them!  This is the COOLEST mag ever!!  If you don’t know FRONT mag yet well it,s the time to check that out!! It’s an independent UK mag, they always have the hottest girls 9at my taste of course) and the graphic designs of the whole mag is really made with LOVE! and it’s really show! I’ve been talking to them a couple of times because remember last time they putted me on their mag and I didn’t even know it! lol CHECK OUT THIS OLD POST.

FRONT heart Ariel Rebel - banner

So I talked to them a couple of time, they asked me to send them some pictures of me that I would want to see apprearon their website… it took a whle for them to post them because ther were moving office… but today I received a mail from them showing me THIS POST!!!

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Getting Ready for my Photoshoot!

I’m shooting in a couple of minutes and I wanted to show you my outfit… Do you like?

Mes 15meg de Gloire chez 33Mag!!!

J’aime bien les gens que j’ai rencontré chez 33mag!  Ils sont vraiment super gentils…

Baz m’a demandé de répondre à quelques questions pour …
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Ariel Rebel in FRONT magazine?

This is one of my fans on Facebook who showed me this a couple of minutes ago and he’s suppose to send me a bigger …
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My first radio show at Radio-Canada

One of the funniest picture of me…lol!  –  Une de mes plus drole photo…lol!!  Sur le moment…

There you g it’s officially done…  …
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My interview with

Un Shooting sexy avec Ariel Rebel – Capsule envoyé par ArielRebelUnplugged. – Devenez voyeur avec plus de vidéos sexy.


I asked them to send …
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