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Are sex toys companies trying to kill us?
1 year ago

Are sex toys companies trying to kill us?

Fact is… I have one giant box filled with various dildos, vibrators and other sex toys of all shape, sizes and material types, in my storage space.  I’ve used them on webcam shows, videos for my official website and I sometimes wonder, how many of these are toxic for me, if any?

Turns out, adult product companies are free to choose of labeling their products under one of the two following categories: novelties & medicinal purpose items, which is where it gets a little tricky for us consumers.

This Vice article dated from 2013 is stating that there is an estimate of 2,100 sex toy-related emergency room visits a year, based on the data collected by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).  Injuries goes from “there’s something stuck in my bum“, “bruised inside” to “it’s itching, burning or just plain irritated down there“.

I can clearly recall personal experiences of “it’s itchy and irritated down there” even after washing and caring for my precious fake cocks properly.  Never did I asked myself… maybe something is wrong?

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