Ariel Rebel

Sexy Friday’s .gif is there!!

I love this one… it’s from one of my favorite video called: Fantasy Fulfilled 😛  Check it out today

Yoohoo Friday! Ready for another sexy .gif?

Yup!  Like I promised you last week, here’s another sexy animated Ariel Rebel .gif 🙂  This one is even naughtier than the last and I …
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9 screen caps that will make you want to watch my “Dreamy” video…

I really love that video, it’s soft, sensual, I love the lingerie I’m wearing and the music is fucking good!  From every comments I have received up to date, this one is part of my top vid on my official website… Will those 9 screen caps will makes you want to go watch it?  Let’s see….

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I always love the photos I bring back to my vacations and this set is not different than the other ones… I love the color grading that Max worked on it.  I’m so lucky to be working with one of the best photographer of my industry.  I sincerly hope you will enjoy this sexy outdoor tease and make sure you check out the entire photo set on the best site in the world… 😉  I also wanted to thank one of my sweet fan who bought me this super cute camo pattern camisole from my amazon wishlist 🙂  This set happened because of you 😉 xxx

For more free galleries, check out THIS PAGE

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18Eighteen magazine

yep I know… that’s pretty old set but isn’t still pretty?  I really enjoy the mix of color even if the scene is very “teen” I think that sometime it’s ok to play the part for the photo 😛  This set was featured in the 18eighteen magazine Holiday 2007 issue and even got me the cover and centerfold!  I think they liked it too but obviously only took a couple of photos from it.  The set is now fully available on my official website if you sign up today 😛  You wouldn’t want to miss that right? 😉

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Insert Here

I’m starting to miss my red hair… what do you guys have to say about that?  should I stay a brunette or change again?

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Berry Whipped

That’s a crazy old photo set that I’ve shot with my friend Melody Kush but it recently got added to my website.  I hope you like it messy because today we are going to get COVERED by whip cream! lol  Omg I remember the look of the set after we were done shooting..  Everything around us was crazy sticky and dirty but it was awesome to rub that whip cream all over Mel’s incredible body…  I made sure to post some photos where you only see her alone in the shot because I thought she did some incredible faces..  Hope you like this messy tease…

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