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Because there isn’t enough sex .gif on the internet…
7 years ago

Because there isn’t enough sex .gif on the internet…

Ever since I’ve threw my PC computer at the window, about two years ago, and bought a MacBookPro, all the sexy .gif I published were done with Adobe Premiere Pro.  Only today I learned that Premiere Pro CC doesn’t offer the creation of .gif for Mac users which made me a little sad.

Luckily, before loosing my cool, I was able to find an article on the Adobe forum stating that it was super easy to make them in Photoshop CC so that’s what I did.  Knowing how easy it is to make them, I’m thinking we need an actual day to post .gif on the site.  Any suggestions for a catchy name that would make also a good hashtag?

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Yay! It’s time for another sexy animated .gif Friday!

See more animated .gif right now OR go watch this video here! 😛

Sexy Friday’s .gif is there!!

I love this one… it’s from one of my favorite video called: Fantasy Fulfilled 😛  Check it out today

Yoohoo Friday! Ready for another sexy .gif?

Yup!  Like I promised you last week, here’s another sexy animated Ariel Rebel .gif 🙂  This one is even naughtier than the last and I …
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Free Sexy, Naughty, Rebel .gif of the Day!! Enjoy!

They are already hosted in my server so have fun and post them away everywhere you think it would be a good idea and


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