That’s it!

Back to the snow, back in the cold…  Damn I miss Mexico already! ahah

After 16 days away from home, I have to admit that even if my house is covered in snow, my dog need boots and a winter coat every time we go out for a walk and I’m wearing leg warmers over my jeans, I’m still glad to be home.  True, it’s no Mexico sun with Mexico bird but it’s my home and after all, it felt good to be back in my kitchen to cook my own food and do my own laundry.  Although I’m starting to be in serious withdrawal of papaya.

Obviously the whole “back on geek mode” thingy is hard to start.  I’m surprising myself day dreaming while I look at the goofy, beachy couple photos Max and I shot of ourselves during our late night beach walks.  The darkness, the sun, the ocean… there is something creepy/romantic and serine about it that we both love and it was fun to just lay there, cuddled, looking at the moon reflecting off the ocean and listening to the waves hitting the shore.  I also surprise myself day dreaming about the AMAZING breakfast I was eating every morning in Playa del Carmen at that adorable restaurant on 5th avenue.  Ahh Mexico is seriously one of my favorite places on earth.  I know that many of you think it’s a crazy place right now (and it kind of is in some areas) but if you stay around Cancun/Playa and Tulum, you feel secure and fine.

I’m thinking on buying a condo in Playa del Carmen… It’s just too beautiful there.  The city is gorgeous, people are friendly, there is a lot of tourists and it feels like home.  It’s kind of weird to be able to say that somewhere else in the world, somewhere you don’t belong, that you feel like home.  Max and I had been talking for over a year now about moving out of snowy Canada and move somewhere under the palm trees.  I don’t think it will really happen anytime soon but if we have at least a place to stay in Paradise for when we need it, it will be easier to just jump on the plane and go relax close to the beach when we cant stand the Montreal’s weather.

Being topless on the beach is such a pleasure of mine.  Since I tried it a few years ago with Mandy (we used to go enjoy ourselves at the nude beach all the time), I can never wear a bikini top ever again.  It’s so restraining and I just cant stand tan lines.  Too bad the beach at our resort was topless only because I would have gladly stay naked the entire time.  Walk around naked, order a drink naked, swim naked… Is there anything better than the feeling of the breeze or the ocean between my legs? …I don’t think so.

Dear Mexico, I love you and I’ll be back…

…most probably in April! 😉