I love my twitter followers.  I don’t think I can say it enough and even tho you must be annoyed of reading it, I have the best fans and friends in the world! ahah

Yesterday, I had fun opening up to my twitter followers by sharing a few of my most embarrassing moments.  We all have them, after all, I’m human like everybody with my strong and weak points and I think it’s important to celebrate both side.  Be proud and assume the good stuff you do and learn from the bad.



I was so happy to see that a lot of my followers were comfortable enough and open enough to share some of their embarrassing moment with me so we can laugh about them together.  Remember, what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger and if you’re not able to look back on embarrassing moments of your life to either laugh, learn or both from them… how do you expect to involve in a better version of yourself?

Here’s a few of my favorite tweets from yesterday…  Hope they will make you giggle but also inspire you.



No worry sexy miss Aaliyah, we all LOVE your “Miss Piggy” look and I think it’s part of your charm!  <- Seriously, I have an unhealthy addiction with this girl.  Help me? lol






…all this brings me to my most embarrassing moment of 2014, witch is my acceptance speech for my Xbiz Award for the best Girl/Girl scene of the year.  As you’ll be able to judge by yourself in the video in this article, I have MESSED THAT UP BIG TIME!  LOL …

Every time I watch it, I cant stop laughing at myself and cant believe I sounded like that in front of the entire industry.  I feel like I sounded full of myself and totally out of place so it’s pretty embarrassing I have to say but eh, who cares!  I’ll do better next time (that’s hoping there is a next time but after a speech like that, I’m not sure they will make me win again lol) and it just goes to show that it’s not a little embarrassment that will kill me and make me feel like a fool everyday of my life for it.

Live and learn Rebel, live and learn!

On this I hope you enjoyed this little quick post, maybe learned a few things from it and hopefully got inspired to not over think the past and to look at the big bright future in front of you 🙂

Peace Out!