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I LOVE them, I LOVE them and again one last time… I LOVE them!  This is the COOLEST mag ever!!  If you don’t know FRONT mag yet well it,s the time to check that out!! It’s an independent UK mag, they always have the hottest girls 9at my taste of course) and the graphic designs of the whole mag is really made with LOVE! and it’s really show! I’ve been talking to them a couple of times because remember last time they putted me on their mag and I didn’t even know it! lol CHECK OUT THIS OLD POST.

FRONT heart Ariel Rebel - banner

So I talked to them a couple of time, they asked me to send them some pictures of me that I would want to see apprearon their website… it took a whle for them to post them because ther were moving office… but today I received a mail from them showing me THIS POST!!!

Now I’m going to ask yuo a little something if you can… Go on thier website at the post where they talk about me and write a comment and vote for me!!!  I realy want to show them that I have a good following of fans because  know you are here and you are reading this blog every day.  If I get many good rating and MANY comments they will probably ask me to be in the mag!!!  Well I hope so 😛

I really count on your people!!!  YOU are the only one who can make a diference… I would never do any mags or any other great thngs if my fans were not there…  Thank you so much in advance for all of your would will go vote and write me a little something on FRONT!!

Love you all Fan and LOVE you so much FRONT!!!