Hey everyone!

 There is always something special and exciting about starting off on a new blog…  For a long moment, RebelMayhem.com didn’t feel like it really had a purpose but I’m glad and pretty proud to announce that it finally does!  It’s now official, there is only 1 free blog to read and look at all your favorite Rebel Girls…. and soon our friends too!  I have already a pretty interesting list of girls who want to join the project and share their lives with you all 🙂  This will become a great and busy blog in a few months so stay tuned and come back often!


I came to the idea of re-designing Rebel Mayhem this way while listening to a lot of your comments and suggestions over the years.  It’s true that keeping up with all the previous blogs was getting complicated as the team grew.  I hope you guys will enjoy this new layout and enjoy reading our posts, listening to our podcasts and watching out videos.  Don’t forget to report any bugs you experiment so we can fix them and make your stay on here just more comfortable.

Obviously, feel free and don’t hesitate to comment!  We all love comments and love to get your input on things.. but that, you know it already 🙂

As the weeks and months will pass, more people will be added to the blog, more old posts will be classified and will appear in the different sections of the blog.  Don’t forget, you can read ALL THE PAST AND NEWEST POSTS from your favorite authors on their profile page 🙂  In the top menu, you click on “Rebel Girls” and you’ll be able to find a list of all the contracted rebel girls and a button that says “more girls” to find all of our other amazing friends posting with us.

This is my profile btw -> http://rebelmayhem.com/author/arielrebel/

All the articles that were previously published on ArielRebelUnplugged.com are there, waiting for you to read and for me to classify! ahah <- that’s gonna take a while lol!

so have fun, let me know what you think, and let’s make RebelMayhem.com the new hit place on the web!

Feel free to tweet your love for the team and the site by USING THE TWEET BUTTON and share our link on message boards and blogs!

Viva la Rebelution! 🙂