This is one of my fans on Facebook who showed me this a couple of minutes ago and he’s suppose to send me a bigger sample of the page but this mini article have been published in FRONT magazine (  I just cant believ it!!!  I’m a HUGE… no wait… HUGE is not even the word… EXTRA ULTRA MEGA HUGE FAN of this UK magazine!!! IAt,s by far (at my taste of course) one of the BEST adult magazine I’ve seen…

I love their wibe, the way they think… all the ideas they come out with and the graphic… Ohhh I wont ecven start onthe graphics!!!!  Anyways… everything is awesome about this mag and last month they have talked about me!!! without even me to know!!!!

FRONT if you read this… THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!  I really hope you will come to ask me to be in your mag one day 🙂 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :p 😉 hehe lol!

In the picture I seem to be number 5… but number 5 of what?? I cant wait to see te full page (I promise to post that tmo soon as I get it don’t worry)

Anyways… this is an awesome new and I’m going to write to them right away!!!