Ok so for the people who are not following me on twitter, here’s a few screen caps sample of my latest video that was posted today on my official website.  Like I mentioned to my sweet members on my VIP blog, this is seriously going in my top 3 favorite video of all time.  I don’t know why exactly (you have to watch it to know what I’m talking about) but everything is so naughty yet sensual and erotic… I love the lighting, the setting and this ADORABLE tutu and those adorable socks that were sent by two of my awesome fans 🙂

I’m wondering what they are thinking now, seeing me wearing the gift they sent me from my wishlist 01 and 02 a while back…  Like I tell everyone, I don’t forget anything you send me and I will be using them for SURE in my photos and videos but I’m sometime slow at wearing the items that are being send to me because I want to make sure they are shown in the perfect set up 🙂  (I know I’m annoying lol)  Anyways I thought it was the time to show off these two awesome items and I’m hoping they will enjoy the result 🙂

…and I hope you’ll enjoy the video 😛