Hello everybody, I’m Amarna Miller and I’m back with a new review! This time I’m going to be reviewing the “3D Realistic Male Masturbator” by Riodong.

The full name is “3D Realistic Dual-Channels Masturbator”. The toy comes with a nice packaging inside a cardboard box, where you can see the picture of a mouth and a booty to make clear that the masturbator is double-sided: it comes with a mouth and a pussy!

It’s 8.28” long, more or less like my forearm, so in my opinion pretty much every dick can fit inside. It isn’t very heavy and it has a very squishy texture, which makes it comfortable and give you more control while touching yourself.

The first thing I notice with this male masturbator is that it’s extremely realistic. So realistic the mouth even has teeth and a tongue! The texture is very cool, it’s actually super stretchy and soft and it’s made of medical grade silicone. This is good because it makes the toy easy to clean and also safe for the body.

The fact that it has teeth confuses me, but if you are looking to experience the real thing I guess this sure get’s close. The feeling is super realistic, also on the pussy-side. Even if it stretches, I can tell the pussy is quite tight by just putting my fingers inside, which makes me think you will need tons of lube and it has to feel great on a cock!

Now to the pros and cons of the “3D Realistic Masturbator”!

Pros: I like the material, it feels very good on the skin and the texture is soft and squishy. As I said, this is great because it allows you to control the pressure you put while you masturbate.

I also really liked that it’s double-sided: having a hole on each end makes it very easy to clean. Usually male masturbators only have one hole, which makes them very complicated to clean properly. The original price of this toy is 18$ which I think is very nice, but I got a 40% discount to share with you all which makes it even better: only 11.99$!

Cons: It has teeth, I don’t know why someone would like a blowjob with teeth, I don’t think it’s very good for that practice!