Ohhh dear Mondays…

We either love them or hate them but we should always try to find the positive things that will keep us connected to our environment and keep our minds happy on this beginning of the work week.  Today, I’m helping you out a nice “fake top 5” (you’ll see why..) of awesomely sexy and positivity boosted Instagram accounts you should absolutely follow to help fight this Monday blues.

1- @ArielRebel & @MelodyKush


I combined Melody Kush‘s account with mine as number one because obviously… YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE REBEL GIRLS first and foremost!  Our Instagram pages are filled with positive & sexy images, words to live by and you can really get a nice glance at our lives which I hope could help bring a little piece of sunshine in your day.  PLUS… we answer as many comments as we can so be interactive with us!

melody kush

2- @CarterCruise


Carter Cruise is the kind of chicks you want to party with.  The perfect example of the free party girl who never stop but still look refreshed once Monday comes along.  Her account is filled with old and recent party photos where she always seem to have a blast, scream at the top of her lungs, wear the same shirt for consecutive days and basically live the way we all wish we could. Carter Cruise is the epidemic of awesomeness and definitely an insane boost of energy to start this week properly.

3- @SuckingAllTheDicks


I blogged about Dani Daniels in the past and said how interesting I thought she was.  It’s now been a year that I’m following her career almost religiously and there is no doubt in my mind why she recently won the social media fan award with her numerous, daily, Instagram posts and her constant beautiful view on the world.  From her daily life to her travel passing by some great wisdoms, Dani is definitely a little piece of free thinking and sunshine you don’t want to miss on.

4- @RyeBreadWithBuddr


Ok, I’m kind of bias when it comes to Riley Reid because of the crush I have on her but she definitely earned her place in this list because nobody is cold enough to not feel joy when you look in to her beautiful green eyes and to her amazing smile.  This girl is ALWAYS smiling, always happy to be where she is and doing what she does.  If that doesn’t cure your Monday blue, you might just be a lost cause.

5- @JoannaAngel


If you like tattooed and rocker chicks, you probably already know the Queen Bee of the famous Burning Angel powerhouse Joanna Angel.  Not only that she seem cool as fuck, she’s genuine with her fans and has the aura of a girl who is following her true calling which is making us all drool, fantasizing and envy her bedroom co-stars.  From the few lucky conversations shared with her on social media, I can assure you that she deserved all the success she got and I wish her a truck load more in the future.