It’s been about a week now, since I started bombarding the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Tumblr platforms of all things RebelMayhem that the requests for prints started coming in.  Let me start by saying that your comments have been heard and taken in to consideration.  With a little invested time and organization, we should be able to offer you guys posters and other promotional goodies shortly.

Soon, I’ll be making a display page of all the prints and other fun stuff available for purchased and how to purchase them on this site but first, I need your input on something…

Just a few seconds from your time would be appreciated to answer this poll in order to know which are the preferred poster sizes.  I’ve also published one on my twitter account if you have extra minutes to go answer there too.  Thank you so much in advance for your input and looking forward to see photos of the #RebelGirls all over your house!

…Seriously, fan photos will be very appreciated *^_^*

Big love!

Which Poster Size do you prefer?

11 inches X 17 inches
12 inches X 18 inches
16 inches X 24 inches
16 inches X 16 inches
20 inches X 20 inches

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