What if I told you, there was a very easy and fun way to meet Melody Kush? …Would you believe me?


Now, what if I told you the 16th edition of the “Everything to do with sex show” in Toronto is about to start on October 23 to 25 (yes, in a few days) and this is where you’re biggest fantasy could come true (if you show up) because Miss Kush will be attending the convention!

*^_^* tadda!

I know, I know… you love me even more now right?

Horny Canadians, what are you waiting for?!  If you live in the Toronto area and/or you have access to a car and feel like taking a road trip, make a move and go check out the show.  Bring the love of you life and make it a sexy and romantic gateway for the week end.  A one day pass is only 19.99$ and a full week end pass will only cost you 24.99$.  Without breaking the bank, you guys are gonna have fun discovering new sexy products, watch live erotic shows, watch talented burlesque artists perform and even become one for a day, meet celebrities and LOT more.

…seriously, don’t tell me you had better plans for the week end.

And to resume back to Melody Kush…  Search for her amazing booty at the Chaturbate booth accompanied of Lena SpanksCortana Blue & Pepper which are pretty badass Chaturbate cuties, just in case you’re wondering.

Not that I sometime spy on their webcam shows once in a while… shhhhhhhh

With barely any clothes on and a big smile on their faces, they will be taking photos, signing autographs and give big hugs to the courageous ones who will dare to ask.  All these girls are super sweet and down to earth and can’t wait to meet you so don’t be shy and go say hello.

Anyhow, follow these cuties on twitter as well because I’m sure you’re dying to know what they are up to on a daily basis…









Are you convinced yet?  If not, here ten more reasons you should go to the 2015 everything to do with sex show:

  1. Watch The Fashion Show on the Main Stage.
  2. Improve Your Oral Sex Skills in the Seminar Room.
  3. Learn Proper Spanking Technique in the Kink Corner Playroom.
  4. Settle An Argument With Free Archery-Based Couples Therapy
  5. Don’t Just Watch Burlesque, BE Burlesque in the Monde Osé Booth.
  6. Visit one of the Food Trucks To Try A Deliciously Sexy Snack.
  7. Watch Live Body Casting, Body Painting, and Performance Art in the Erotic Art Area.
  8. Pick Out Your New Sexy Halloween Costume.
  9. Be Mesmerized By The Erotic Circus Performance On the Main Stage.
  10. Check Out The Wellness Zone To Test Your Hula Hooping Skills.

…Now, you got to be convinced! ….right?