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Don’t be a badly fed bachelor…
1 year ago

Don’t be a badly fed bachelor…

Congratulation for getting out your mom’s basement!

…but now what?

Maybe you were annoyed of not being able to fuck as loud as you wished to or, you just arrived in college. Maybe you broke up with your girl or simply you’re an independent guy that doesn’t see why committing because… the world is one big playground and you’re an incredible player.

No matter what’s your reason(s) to be a bachelor, at this point in time, doesn’t mean you have to settle down for all the pre-made food available at the grocery.  Become a Jedi with a rollin pin and make panties go down with the power of the force because deep down, you know you always been a rebel.

In this column, I’m hoping to give you an incentive… even better, an inspiration to start cooking for yourself and, also for that special lady you just laid your eyes on.  Plus, how do you think you’re going to be on your A-game to flirt with that crazy hot bartender, if you haven’t eaten something substantial to keep your brain going while you look at her tits?  You know as much as me, that’s the kind of stuff that takes skills and a decent amount of brain power.

As an introduction to the culinary world, I’ll stick to basic so, here’s a quick list of the minimal gear you should have in your bachelor’s kitchen.

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