It’s been two weeks now that I started jogging every morning around 7am – 8am and it’s saving my life!  I don’t know what I’m gonna do when winter will be back (maybe move to a warmer location?) because this is seriously THE best work out and cheer up activity I have done in a long time.  I already lost the 5lbs I wanted to loose (I obviously watch what I eat also) but it just goes to show how EASY it is to loose the few pounds we all take on during the colder months.


Every morning, I tweet a new jogging selfie (yup, no makeup there) to encourage my followers to do the same and to also make sure I don’t cheat on my routine.  I have already converted a couple of my followers and I’m hoping that this post will convert you as well!!

It’s never too late to get back in shape and it doesn’t only make you shred fat, it also improve your mood!  I was talking to Minnie Scarlet this morning who sometime struggle with light depression like me and I was telling her how amazing jogging in the morning have been for me up to date.  It has improved my mood 200% and I have more energy during the entire day!

Funny enough, none of my work out DVDs have been this good with me and I tried a LOT…  There really nothing like the open road, the blue sky, the birdies and the wind caressing your skin in the early morning.  I also think that people are just generally happier in the morning so everywhere you go, it’s big smiles all around.  Really, for me, it`s the best decision I would have taken and I cant believe I had to wait to be 29 years old to realize it.


So dont loose hope, everything is possible, it`s never too late and if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Just got to push yourself to get out and do it 🙂  ..there is no magic solution here, just DO IT!